Moriyama Projects offers 360° creative communication for brands and artists.
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Mika Moriyama has worked in communications for quite some time and made a name, reputation and vast network of friends and likemindeds. A truly holistic approach to public relations and consulting that goes the extra mile.


Fashion & Lifestyle PR
Social Media
Image Building
Influencer Marketing
VIP Relations
Event & Guest Management

Client: Bimba y Lola

Bimba y Lola is a creative collective – A multidisciplinary group of people spreading art and culture through fashion. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR, Influencer Relations and Events.


DRYKORN has developed into an international fashion label within just a few seasons, appealing to individualists who are self-confident and independent – making fashionable statements for beautiful people. Moriyama Projects takes care of Influencer Relations and Events.

Client: Karl Kani

Karl Kani embodies the hip hop and streetwear scene of the 90s like no other. Back then, artists like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. or Will Smith celebrated the brand for its casual cuts and stylish designs and with the return of street style to today’s mainstream, Karl Kani became a popular favorite once again. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR, Influencer Relations and Events.

Client: Lala Berlin

Lala Berlin was founded in 2004 and since then became one of the most successful fashion brands to emerge from the german capital Berlin. Leyla Piedayesh, founder and creative director of the brand, embodies the international essence of Lala Berlin and created a recognizable aesthetic with a lot of love to details. Moriyama Projects takes care of the daily PR and Events.
Sean John

Client: Sean John

Sean John is the brand that bridged the gap between menswear and streetwear, bringing luxury looks and redefined cuts to a loud clash with HipHop aesthetics of the time. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR, Influencer Relations and Events.

Client: FUBU

FUBU is an American hip hop fashion label created in the 90’s and founded by Daymond John and three of his close friends. Their philosophy was to make clothing for the consumer by the consumer. The name stands for „For Us, By Us“ and represents determination, excellence and boldness of the four founders who had the courage to go against the grain and strike out on their own to turn their dream into realtiy. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR, Influencer Relations and Events.


Client: Balbina

Balbina is an artist from Berlin, she sings about her sensitive perception of reality in a deeply melancholy voice. Moriyama Projects takes care of public relations and cooperations.

Client: Buck Bags

The Buck Bags function as an homage to texture and shape and, in their factual silhouettes, ventilate the comparison to iconic handbag designs of the 20th century, yet remain charmingly stubborn. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR.
Dead White Mens Clothes

Client: DWMC

Dead White Mens Clothes, short DWMC, is a platform, art project and clothing brand that produces eco-friendly merchandise, reworked second-hand clothes, zines and other content. The origin of the label’s name lies in the Ghanaian term “Obroni Wawu” which can be translated to “DEAD WHITE MEN’S CLOTHES”. When first waves of second-hand clothes arrived from “the west“ in the 70’s the locals could not believe that such high-quality clothing could just be given away for free, so they assumed that the previous owner must have died. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR.

Chi Ceramics

Client: Chi Ceramics

Handmade and unique ceramics from Berlin made by Chi. Moriyama Projects takes care of the PR.
Wald Residency

Client: Wald Residency

The Waldresidency is located north of Berlin in the middle of a beautiful forest. Artists have the opportunity here without outside influences to get active and get in real contact with nature and everyone involved. Moriyama Projects takes care of press work and collaborations.

Santé - Foodieloops

Client: Foodieloops

Is a cooking show and lifestyle food brand hosted and founded by Santé. A true celebration of food, community and good vibes. What started as a selfmade series in lockdown of 2020, will be developed into a multi format cooking show featuring foreign dishes inspired by Santé’s travels, local favorites inspired by local guests and original Foodieloops food and beverage products to go along with it. Moriyama Projects is in charge of PR and cooperations.


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